Welcome to the home of KIso

KIso is a GUI for KDE 3 which has the purpose to make creating, extracting and editing of ISO-Images as easy as possible.

KIso 0.8.3 29-12-2005
KIso 0.8.3 is out.
Some optimizations and a new french translation.
KIso 0.8.2c 09-07-2005
KIso 0.8.2c is out.
Fixed a bug while detecting mcrypt.
KIso 0.8.2b 06-07-2005
KIso 0.8.2b is out.
This version fixes 2 bugs in KIso 0.8.2.
KIso 0.8.2 02-07-2005
KIso 0.8.2 is there.
This version adds more stability in handling filenames containing special characters, conversion from c2d to iso is in alpha phase (Only one mode is fully supported at the moment.) and various usability fixes have taken place.
KIso 0.8.1 15-05-2005
Few weeks after the release of KIso 0.8 here is KIso 0.8.1.
It fixes a few bugs and introduces a hungarian translation as well as support for conversion from img to iso images and a new directory view.
KIso 0.8 30-04-2005
It has been a long time since the last release of KIso and many things have happend since KIso 0.7b.
There have been too many changes to list them all here.
For a complete list of improvements and fixes please read the Changelog as usual.
New Hompage 20-04-2005
The KIso homepage got a facelift.
Thanks to Giacomo [iTem] for the new hompage design.
KIso 0.7b 06-11-2004
Fixed possible crash in commandline options.
KIso 0.7 23-10-2004
KIso 0.7 is out. It's hopefully the last ALPHA release.
For a list of all changes please see the Changelog.
KIso 0.6 11-09-2004
After a long time KIso gets into a new release.
For a list of all changes please see the Changelog.
birthday! 04-09-2004
KIso gets 1 year old today and it's still alive.
The next release will follow soon.
KIso 0.5.2 22-05-2004
NEW Entry in the KDE-Actions menu. Fixed makefile for fully functional RPM's.
KIso 0.5.1 19-05-2004
Fixed a bug which prevented KIso from choosing the right path. Sorry did not see it.
KIso 0.5 17-05-2004
New major release KIso 0.5 is out.

KIso is now able to handle subdirectorys and the CD label can be edited
If you want something to do KIso also supports skins now :)
KIso 0.4.3 06-05-2004
KIso 0.4.3 released. Now KIso autodetects available CD/DVD-Devices.
NEW Support for /dev/dvdrecorder. New contextmenu entry to add a directory.
Some minor updates and cleanups.
KIso 0.4.2 23-04-2004
KIso 0.4.2 has arrived.This release fixes problems with mixed mode CDs.
NEW Possibility to mount/umount images as device on the desktop through commandline.
Still waiting for translations ;)
KIso 0.4.1 16-04-2004
KIso 0.4.1 is released.KIso supports opening and extraction of Nero images (*.nrg).
New support for DVD images and DVD sizes.
KIso 0.4 11-04-2004
KIso 0.4 is there. On public wishes KIso has a toolbar now, few new features and some new translations (Thanx)
KIso uses libcdio now, so it has to be installed to make KIso compile and work!
KIso 0.3 31-03-2004
KIso 0.3 is ready. It includes some new features and changes in the UI, as well as a spanish translation.
Feel free to send me translations ;) You can find a po file in the download section.
KIso 0.2 17-01-2004
KIso 0.2 ist out !
KIso 0.2 is a complete rewrite of KISO in C++.
For an exact overview of all changes please read the CHANGELOG.
Future plans 24-11-2003
Due to the fact that I'm not a very good artist, I'm looking for someone,
who can design a new icon for KISO and it's upcoming releases.
So if you are creative and want to help, please send me your ideas to mephistoki@users.sourceforge.net.
KISO 0.1.1 04-10-2003
This release fixes some problems based on changes in Gambas beginning from 0.70.
Little fixes.
KISO 0.1 20-09-2003
Gambas 0.70 is out. KISO 0.1 does not work with Gambas 0.70 yet.
A Kiso 0.1 release for Gambas 0.70 will follow shortly.
KISO 0.1 04-09-2003
Finally ! The first release of KISO is ready for use.
Please keep in mind, that this project is still in early alpha phase.