Here you can download the newest Version of KISO for Linux.

I only provide the download of KIso 0.8.3 here.
KIso 0.2 and earlier are not available for download anymore. If you want to get it, please write me a mail.
Source Packages

Type File: MD5Sum:
Source bz2 kiso-0.8.3.tar.bz2 6f32662f5c1ade8df9b6a76b7403cede
Source 7z kiso- e79e03e1576458d4cc70a17210711af7

Required packages:

* libcdio
* mkisofs (Normaly already installed with every usual Linux distribution.)
* sudo (Should be already part of your distribution.)
* mcrypt (Needed if you want to produce encrypted images.)

For translations ;)
KIso po file