What is KIso ?
KIso is a graphical user interface for KDE 3.x which has the purpose to make it as easy as possible to:

* Open ISO and NRG images.
* Create an ISO image from CD.
* Easy and convenient creation of own ISO images.
* Convert NRG to ISO images.
* Convert BIN/CUE to ISO images.
* Convert MDF to ISO images.
* Convert CDI to ISO images.
* Convert CCD/IMG to ISO images.
* Convert C2D to ISO images.
* Mount ISO/NRG images as virtual drive.
* Extract the content of an ISO/NRG image.
* Create bootable images.

Why does KIso exist ?
Well, we all know Microsoft's Windows I think, though many people wish they had never made it's acquaintance. :)
Like nearly every mortal who is in pocess of a PC I also got familliar with it before I discovered Linux about the late 90's of the last century.
From Windoofs (sorry..) I mean Windows I knew programs like WinISO(tm) and ISOBuster(tm) and I did not find anything compareable for Linux, though it already offers everything that's needed for it.
So I started writing KIso to combine all the abilities of Linux concerning the work with ISO images in one easy to use GUI.

How is KIso written ?
KIso 0.1 and KISO 0.1.1 are completely written in GAMBAS.
Due to the fact that Gambas itself is still Alpha and constantly changing and C++ gives more opportunities and is more independant,
I decided to dare a rewrite in C++. So from KIso 0.2 on KIso is written in C++.

What is the current version of KIso ?
The current release of KIso is KIso 0.8.3. You can download it in the download section.

Under which licence is KIso published ?
KIso is published under the GPL.
For more information see: GNU General Public License

What are the future plans for KIso ?
The plans for the future so far are:

* Full support for BIN/CUE files.
* Bug fixes, bug fixes and last but not least bug fixes.